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Top Attractions of Gujarat

If you are plan to explore Gujarat and looking for the best places to explore in Gujarat have a look at this article. It’s all about the Best Places to visit in Gujarat. Some of the Top Attractions of Gujarat are mentioned below:

  • Kutch

If you are looking for an amazing place to visit in Gujarat, then Kutch is a wonderful place you would definitely want to explore. It located on the India-Pakistan border and from here you can see a small part of Pakistan. It is famous for embroidery works, crafts, Wild Ass Sanctuary, and Flamingo Sanctuary. If you are a history lover you can visit Kutch Museum, it has some extinct scripts like ancient coins and Kutch Script. It is also famous for the Rann festival which is held from November to February.

  • Bhuj

Bhuj was founded in 1510, located in the Kutch region, and once it was the capital of Kutch. It has been witness to many local conflicts and wars. While you are in Bhuj, you can explore various places like Aina Mahal, Prag Mahal, Bhujia Fort, Hamirsar Lake, and Sharadbaug Palace. It is one of the best places to buy Gujarati Clothes, Local spices, meenakari jewelry, and handicrafts in the Bhuj Haat market. Don’t forget to try spicy and sweet cuisine at local restaurants. For a comfortable trip, visit during winters from October to March.

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  • Mandvi

Mandvi is a must-visit city if you plan to explore Gujarat. It is the best place for water-sports-lover and photogenic. While in Mandvi, you can visit the massive beach, Shyamji Krishna Varma Memorial, and Topansar Lake. You can enjoy activities like sunbathing, lounging, birdwatching, watersports, and shopping. The Best time to visit Mandvi is during the winter season, from November to March.

  • Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar is situated on the west coast of the Sabarmati River, 32 km to the north of Ahmedabad. It puts you away from the chaos of the world and offers you a peaceful environment. The city encompasses various eye-catching places to explore offering rich cultural heritage, a tranquil environment, and beautiful places. Here you can explore Akshardham Temple and Khadi village where khadi clothes are prepared. It is also known as the Green city as 54% of its land is covered with trees, which make it a perfect place for a long weekend holiday.

  • Gir Somnath

Gir Somnath is among the most remarkable places to visit in Gujarat, famous for its amazing natural beauty and old heritage. Gir and Somnath are two distinct unique beauties. The best thing to do here are try local snacks, explore Chorwad beach, Junagadh gate, Somnath temple, and Prabhas Patan Museum, and enjoy overnight camping and safari at Gir.

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